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Schedule changes

Information about schedule changes with matching feeds will appear here, when someone shows an interest towards it and wishes to use something like this.

ATTENTION! Kanal 7+, Kanal 7+ BLT and Semejka will be closed starting from 1st of May. Kanal 7+ BLT will be replaced with the new true crime channel Duo 5 BLT. Please update the CHANNEL keyword from kanal7plusblt to d5blt in your import setup. The schedules for Duo 5 BLT are available in 5 languages: Estonian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Russian and English. Duo 5 BLT schedules will duplicate to Kanal 7+ BLT feed until 31.05.2024.

The following information is primarily for those who wish to automate the use of the schedule.

Every schedule’s URL is in this format[KANAL]/[FORMAAT]?[TÄIENDAVAD GET PARAMEETRID], whereas:

Possible KANAL values are:

  • k2 - Kanal 2
  • d3ee - Duo 3 EE
  • d3lv - Duo 3 LV
  • d3blt - Duo 3 BLT
  • d4ee - Duo 4
  • d5ee - Duo 5
  • d5blt - Duo 5 BLT
  • d6ee - Duo 6 EE
  • d6lv - Duo 6 LV
  • d6blt - Duo 6 BLT
  • kanal7ee - Kanal 7 EE
  • kanal7lv - Kanal 7 LV
  • kino7ee - Kino 7 EE
  • kino7lv - Kino 7 LV
  • myhits - MyHits
  • kzmaxee - Kidzone MAX EE
  • kzmaxlv - Kidzone MAX LV
  • kzmaxlt - Kidzone MAX LT
  • kzm - Kidzone Mini EE
  • kzmblt - Kidzone Mini BLT
  • ek - Eesti Kanal
  • sz - Smartzone
  • fzee - Filmzone EE
  • fzlv - Filmzone LV
  • fzlt - Filmzone LT
  • fzplus - Filmzone Plus
  • szmena - Smartzone MENA
  • kzmaxmena - Kidzone MAX MENA

Possible special KANAL values are:

These special values require additional GET parameter 'channels' with comma separated list of channel codes. If channel isn't specified, EPG for k2, d4ee and d5ee will be returned

  • all - All channels
  • combined - All channels combined

Possible FORMAAT values are:

  • table - As a table
  • view - As text
  • xmltv - XMLTV
  • xml - XML (Legacy format)
  • json - JSON

Possible additional parameters are:

  • date - The date in the format YYYY-MM-DD; displays the week’s schedule, into which the given date belongs. If the date is not set, the newest schedule for the channel will be displayed. Instead of the date you can have a string parameter '24h' - in that case, the closest 24 hour schedule will be displayed (starting from the show being currently broadcast)
  • start - The date in the format YYYY-MM-DD; determines which date the schedule will be displayed from. Using the start parameter will disable the “date” parameter. Instead of the date you can have a string parameter "now" - in that case the schedule starting from the show being currently broadcast will be shown.
  • end - The date in the format YYYY-MM-DD; determines up to which date (inclusive) the schedule will be displayed. If the end is undefined (but the start is defined), the closest 7 day schedule will be displayed by default. Instead of the date you can have a string parameter "Ndays" (1days, 2days, 7days etc).
  • channels - For use with KANAL special values 'all' and 'combined'. Comma separated list of requested channel codes.
  • shortcontent - will display a shortened format (only time and title)
  • hidenumbers - hides the episode numbers
  • hideletters - hides the letters from episodes and seasons (only numbers will remain)
  • fields - which fields should output contain. Usable only with json format. Required fields must be comma separated, multi-dimensional fields should use dot as a separator. For example, fields=telecast_datetime_tz,translations returns datetime and all translations; fields=telecast_datetime_tz,translations.en.title returns datetime and english title.

For example:

It is possible to query the archive with the date. Kanal 2 schedule exists starting from 19.07.2010, Duo 3 (EE & BLT) schedule from 01.09.2021, Duo 3 LV schedule from 01.04.2022, Duo 4 (Kanal 11) schedule from 08.08.2010, Duo 5 (Kanal 12) schedule from 08.06.2011, Duo 6 (EE & BLT) schedule from 01.09.2021, Duo 6 LV schedule from 01.04.2022, Duo 7 EE schedule from 22.04.2021, Duo 7 LV schedule from 30.08.2021, Duo 7 LT schedule from 03.01.2022. and Kino 7 schedule from 01.04.2022.

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